The future of manufacturing beyond three-nanometer-sized circuits is not in copper and silicon, but in newer and more exotic elements like graphene, photonic gates, and artificial intelligence.
Graphene is that future, and radix needs a partner to begin this ground-floor endeavor. HexaGraphica is a graphene manufacturer, computer chip manufacturer, and research and development company in the fields of graphene circuitry, photonic gates, quantum computing, additive manufacturing, and graphene batteries.
The biggest revolution in technology is about to happen. This is not a change brought about by chance or even innovation. As “necessity is the mother of invention,” so it is necessary to develop the alternative to silicon, which has, thus far, dominated the second wave of the electronic age.
There is yet even another synergetic alignment of convergence in emerging technologies: Blockchain and distributed Artificial Machine Intelligence (ami).
We have both the opportunity and the understanding to simultaneously merge not two, but all three, of these cutting-edge, highly profitable, future-enabling, technologies.
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